Mission Statement

There are many questions that could be asked about the current state of education. Certainly it is something that is vital for employment but more than that it enables personal choices in life and freedom to pursue dreams. In the case of parental concerns it is that their child receives the tools to cope with the challenges of adult life and more generally, contribute to future society. In the case of the adult learner it is that their skills remain relevant to the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace or simply stay in touch with the developments of the fast-paced world around them. It is a quest for understanding, for personal growth and for connectivity.

For most people, the first word that springs to mind upon the mention of education is 'school'. The vast majority of adults will have experienced some form of this with varying opinions on its efficacy or appeal. A similar range of impressions will be presented by children when asked. In the case of the negative associations, the question is 'why?' Why was it not effective or appealing to the individual? The constraints of the school system are well known - class sizes, performance-related budgets and teacher admin take focus away from the individual student. Furthermore for the adult learner, state funded school does not exist.

So what is the solution? How can we meet the needs of the disenfranchised? Let me be clear, my mission is not to replace the school system, it is not even to reform it. For all the apparent failings of the establishment there are myriad successes, I would consider myself one of them. To apportion blame is not to solve a problem. To investigate the problem and to find alternate methods for progress, is. This is my aim.